Petroleum Planning Intelligence

Enersight is a unified planning system that integrates production forecasting, economic modelling, resource scheduling and corporate budgeting so you can intelligently plan, track and manage your assets.

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Better decisions for conventional and unconventional plays

Regardless of asset type, energy producers face complex development decisions.  Enersight informs some of the world’s most successful oil and gas producers on how to best deploy capital, quickly compare and adapt plans, and realistically set targets by predicting constraints. Our vision.


The visual interface allows you to model a complex development and exploration project....You can send Enersight analysis to your boss and have them intuitively understand the value without pages of notes explaining your approach. You could never achieve that with a spreadsheet type application.

Roger Sakatch Engineering Manager, Canoro Resources Ltd.

Enersight has key advantages that other component pieces are lacking. It has the computational horsepower to run calculations that would crash a desktop computer and it has the capability to automatically build drilling schedules which is a major chore in a high volume well count operation.

Ian Foley Newfield Exploration

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